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send mail via web server

Dear Sir,

We have application servers who need to send mail to a pair of web servers, which are behind two 11501. And then the web server will lookup DNS and send the mail to the Internet.

We can ping between application servers and web servers without any problem.

But, we find that, from the application server, we CANNOT send mail to the real ip of the individual web servers. I think the reason is the return IP is changed to vip.

However, with content rules of port 25, from application server, we CAN send mail to the vip (of the two web servers), which CAN then forward the mail to each web server in round robin successfully. The short coming of the setup is the 11501 cannot failover if the smtp deamon of one of the web servers down. That means, smtp (mail service) has no resilience.

Is there any way that we can send mail from the application servers to the real ip of the web servers? In that case, resilience will be retained as UNIX sendmail will check the availability of smtp deamon.



Re: send mail via web server

In case of both ACE/CSS no configuration is needed to access the server directly. CSS permits all traffic to the reals.

If you are using an ACL then you just need to make sure that it allows the traffic to

go to/from the Real Servers.

Also CSS should have routes to real server networks.


New Member

Re: send mail via web server

I did not configure any ACL.

And we have routes, which points all traffic (from outside) to the real IPs to the external VLAN. But it seems only ping is working. Other applications such as like SSH cannot make connection to real IP of the web server successfully.

However, the web server can ssh to servers of external network.

Any idea? Many thanks!

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