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Serverfarm Redirect Current Connections

We use a Serverfarm redirect for sites we require to use SSL. The rserver redirect is configured with variables for the hostname (%h) and uri (%p) as follows:

serverfarm redirect SSL

rserver SSL


rserver redirect SSL

  webhost-redirection https://%h%p 302


That serverfarm is the default class for the load balancing policy for class maps using tcp port 80.

The problem is that the current connections for the serverfarm keep incrementing. My concern is that once this increments to 4,000,000 the serverfarm will no longer accept any connections.

I have cleared the connections to the serverfarm and that changes the total connections, but does nothing to the current connections.

Attached file has sho serverfarm SSL detail output.

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.


Cisco Employee

Re: Serverfarm Redirect Current Connections

What version do you run ?

That sounds like a counter bug.

Do a show conn to verify if you have that amount of connections established or not.

If not, upgrade to the latest version as there were fixes in this area of the code.

If problem persists, open a service request with the TAC to report the problem,


New Member

Re: Serverfarm Redirect Current Connections

We are running version A2(2.4). Thanks.

New Member

Re: Serverfarm Redirect Current Connections

My apologies...I have run a sho conn and those connections are not in the connection table. However, my concern is more with the way that the serverfarm manages its allowed connections, with 4,000,000 being the max number of connections per serverfarm. Thanks.

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