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serverfarm status visibility

we have configured a serverfarm with some real servers.

snmptrap/syslog is configured to message in case of a status change of a real server.

Some messages have been configured to a lower level of alerting :

logging message 442001 level 3

logging message 442002 level 3

logging message 442003 level 3

Now we see syslog messages appearing in case of rserver status changes.

However i do not see the total status of of a serverfarm.

Is there a snmp counter or other smart way to have a remote quick view on the status of a serverfarm ?

Like when 1 rserver is down, the serverfarm is in a degraded state.

We aren't using ANM at this moment but maybe we will in the future.

My second question ;

Are there other smart ways to get a rserver out of service (for maintenance) except from logging in on the ACE and giving a "no inservice" ?

I'm thinking of using a commandline based tool (putty) on the rservers itselves.



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Re: serverfarm status visibility

You can display monitoring information for device groups that you create in ANM (see Configuring User-Defined Groups, page 2-49). When you select Monitor > Devices > Groups > device_group, all monitoring features that are supported on any of the devices in the device group are displayed. Because some monitoring features, for example, Application Acceleration, are not supported on all device types, you can click the following buttons at the bottom of the Monitor screens to change what information is displayed:

Show Polled DevicesBy default, only the devices in the device group that support the specified feature are displayed.

Show All DevicesAll devices in the device group are shown on the Monitoring results screen, whether or not the feature you selected is supported on all the devices.

This URL should help you:

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