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service will not come up on 11503


I have a CSS 11503 running the following service configured:

service server1

ip address

keepalive type http

keepalive method get

port 80

keepalive uri "/robots.txt"


However, the service shows as down, even though the server is up and running on port 80 and the robots.txt is marked as read-only for anonymous access on port 80 and can be accessed by other servers on port 80 on the same subnet. Then if I do the following:

conf t

service server1


keepalive type none


The service is then forced up, but then if I backout the change:


keepalive type http


the service goes down and then comes backup again and the LB passes traffic to it correctly.

This is the only way I can get the service up, any ideas why this is?

Some background info:

sh ver:

Version: sg0810107s (

Flash (Locked):

Flash (Operational):


Licensed Cmd Set(s): Standard Feature Set

Secure Management

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: service will not come up on 11503


Well we have a couple of things to check. First of all there is a well known bug that matches this behavior but is a 7.50 code defect and should not affect your current code.

Now, you can test what is the answer that the CSS itself is getting to the GET by doing this:

css11501b# llama

css11501b(debug)# icp probe host "/robots.txt" 80

Remember that the CSS needs to get a 200 OK answer to show the service as up.

Another thing to consider is that when using the GET method, the CSS calculates a hash based on the page that it gets and if the page changes (which would change the hash claculation) the CSS considers the service as Down.

So you need to make sure that your page has no dynamic content, you also might want to test changing to default method head.

Another thing to test would be changing to keepalive type tcp or icmp so that you can verify if the problem is at layer 3, 4 or 5.

If all those tests result in a Down service, please let me know.

Hope it helps!!

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