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show ip slb stats?

What does all this mean? I'm particularly in the entries which indicates errors:

I looks like a serious problem, with over 100.000 failed connections, in only 700.000 created connections.

Connections Created:        692177

Connections Destroyed:      591523

Connections Current:        100654

Connections Timed-Out:      21192

Connections Failed:         115898

Server initiated Connections:

      Created: 0, Current: 0, Failed: 0

L4 Load-Balanced Decisions: 693066

L4 Rejected Connections:    0

L7 Load-Balanced Decisions: 0

L7 Rejected Connections:

      Total: 0, Parser: 0,

      Reached max parse len: 0, Cookie out of mem: 0,

      Cfg version mismatch: 0, Bad SSL2 format: 0

L4/L7 Rejected Connections:

      No policy: 0, No policy match 0,

      No real: 0, ACL denied 0,

     Server initiated: 0

Checksum Failures:  IP: 0, TCP: 0

Redirect Connections: 0,  Redirect Dropped: 0

FTP/RTSP Connections:            0

MAC Frames:

      Tx: Unicast: 78312749, Multicast: 1455988, Broadcast: 1240,

          Underflow Errors: 0

      Rx: Unicast: 78272614, Multicast: 3911, Broadcast: 1237,

          Overflow Errors: 900, CRC Errors: 0

Best Regards

Henrik Stryhn, Denmark

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Re: show ip slb stats?

Connections Destroyed:      591523

“The number of TCP and UDP connections destroyed by SLB, either by TCPIP teardown or timeout. UDP connections can only be timed out."

Connections Timed-Out:      21192

                      “UDP connections destroyed as result of timeout”


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