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Simple SLB with CSS 11052

I just bought a used CSS 11052 and I'm trying to use it in a non-production environment to do simple load-balancing across two servers that are running Windows Server 2003. My client applications on the front-end of the switch need to access back-end services by VIP and I also have clients running on the back-end servers that need to access other back-end services by VIP.

I have minimal networking background and very little CSS background, so I have some newbie questions:

1. Can a client running on a back-end server access a back-end service by VIP? Even if the back-end client request gets load-balanced to a service running on the same server as the client?

2. I have a simple office network with one simple router/gateway (a Netgear FVS-318) and a single subnet ( What switching topology should I use? I've seen documentation and books talking about bridged, routed, and one-armed designs but I can't tell which would be simplest for me to set up. This is a small setup, so I don't have enough servers to care about using up all the interface ports on the switch. I also don't expect a lot of network traffic.

Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Simple SLB with CSS 11052

Never mind. After a week of struggle I finally found a document that led me through a simple one-armed configuration that addresses question #2. And the one-armed topology largely eliminated the distinction between front-end and back-end so I don't have question #1 anymore.

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