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Site Failover

I am looking for a failover solution. I need to redirect traffic from my Production CSS11503 to my secondary CSS11050 which are geographically seperated. I am unsure if DNS will help? Are there any DNS experts who can tell me if I can have a primary and secondary a record for such a senerio??


Re: Site Failover

There are various methods to configure redundancy/failover between two CSS switches. The box to box redundancy allows a redundant link to be defined between the two switches. The protocol used for this redundancy link is Virtual Redundancy Router Protocol (VRRP). The switches use this link to maintain contact and activity status between one another. This is not supported on more than one interface for this VLAN or over a Gig link.

DNS would work with Global load balancing, but am not sure about failover.

You could check the CSS product support page for the configuration examples of failover.

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Re: Site Failover


last week, I did failover tetsing between my Production and DR site. It went well and I will be doing the final cutover next week that will be external DNS change. I am using GLB with ACL to redirect the DNS request to Prod. Here are the steps

1. Create app session between Prod and DR site

2. At DR Site create redirect service with Prod VIP

3. Add redirect service into the DR VIP

4. Create ACL to redirect all the DNS traffic to Prod and apply this ACL to the DR VIP.

Let me know if you have any question and I will share my three weeks pain with you.

Best Regards,


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