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SLB and VMware'd real servers

Has anyone had any problems with using SLB and a real server that is a vmware guest OS? I've recently configred IOS SLB on a 3725 router in my network and the server farm config that has physicals hasn't had any problems, however my other serverfarm config that has vmware guests as the real servers time out for random clients.

Odd thing is other clients can still get to the vserver, and its usually only 1 or 2 people out of 30 or 40 that have this problem.

Also, the "advertise" option under the serverfarm config. Since I run EIGRP should I turn it on or off? I'm a bit weary of that and TAC pretty much told me its my choice.

Cisco Employee

Re: SLB and VMware'd real servers

the advertise command will just insert a static route in your routing table for the vserver ip address.

you then have to redistribute the static routes into your routing protocol.

But this is useful only if you have multiple sites using the same vip and you want your network to select the closes route.

In your case, I don't see why you would need it.

For your time out issue, you will have to capture a trace of the frontend vlan and backend vlan to see what is going on.

Without a trace there is no way we can assist you.


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Re: SLB and VMware'd real servers

Sorry just to update this post, I found out i had a routing issue. I had multiple routes back to between the client and SLB router, so the packets weren't always going back to the slb router.

TAC cleared it up for me with a slight topology change.

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