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Slowness when wccp is enable


I am having a performance issue when wccp is enable in my router. But when I removed wccp from the router, the speed is ok. I have added the below command on my outside interface towards the internet. This is a standard config from the software config guide.

command : ip wccp web-cache redirect out

But with the command : {ip wccp web-cache redirect in } on the inside interface, the speed is ok. I do not know whether my CE is working properly.

Does anyone know what is the problem or did I configure wrongly? Please help


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Re: Slowness when wccp is enable


There are some issues with wccp slowness on routers. It depends on what version of IOS you are running. I see you are able to configure ip wccp redirect in so you must be running code in the 12.2 train or late 12.1T.

Configuring ip wccp redirect in works well and should be the same as redirect out .

The check that the CE is working proberly do a sh ip wccp and make sure you are getting redirected packets.

On the CE do a clear stat all

Then check the following commands to see if you are seeing requests on the cache

sh stat http per

sh stat http sav

Alot depends on the version of code you are running and the interface types/ If you can provide those that would be great.


Phil Lynch

Cisco Systems

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