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ssh timeouts on a css 11151 vip

Hello, I have a vip set up on our css 11151 (vers 5.00) and am having problems with ssh timeouts. The vip has port 80 and ssh set up pointing at a private addressed service. ssh connections to the vip connect just fine but then time out after a short period of inactivity. I'd like these ssh connections to be permanent. I had previously set up "flow port1 22 timeout 0" for ssh connects through the css but this seems to have no effect on vip connections. ssh connections through the css (not vip'd) do not timeout and I can always see them in "show flows". I've read that I can set "flow long-lived" but would rather not make every flow permanent if possible, just ssh.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.



Re: ssh timeouts on a css 11151 vip

The timeout values hold good for the VIPs also.

the flow timeout can be configured for up to 10 ports using the flow port1 timeout <1..600>

This should work. However if there is an issue, check the bug toolkit for known bus and upgrade to the latest version.

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