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SSLM Health Probe?

I have a (2) 6509's, each with a CSM and SSLM. One CSM is active and both SSLM's are active. I load balance encrypted requests to the SSLM's.

The SSLM decrypts the incoming HTTPS requests and sends the request back to the CSM using HTTP (clear text). The CSM serverfarm then load balances the session to one of the web servers. Because the web server responds back in clear text, I have implemented a health probe to monitor the web page for a specific string of characters within the serverfarm. If a web page displays the page incorrectly, the probe fails for that server.

Now I have a new requirement, where I must re-encrypt the traffic (backend encryption) and send the requests to the server encrypted (HTTPS).

My question are:

1. Can I implement health probes on the SSLM?

2. Can I implement an effective health probe from the CSM so that I can still poll for a string of characters?

Thank you.


Re: SSLM Health Probe?

SSLM should only be probed with ICMP

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