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startup-config on ACE module

Hi all,

We have ACE module (ACE20) in our DC. The startup-config file is located in flash memory which should be disk0: as I read in all the documentation. But how can I see that the file is there?

ace-wwsf1/Admin# dir disk0:

     1024  Sep 11 17:12:17 2008 cv/
      320  Apr 24 11:39:19 2012 kernel_log_messages1.txt
      320  Jan 01 02:03:18 2000 kernel_log_messages2.txt
     4160  Jan 01 02:03:17 2000 kernel_log_messages3.txt
    49707  Jan 01 02:03:15 2000 sysmgr_info


Usage for disk0: filesystem
                    1133568 bytes total used
                   10031104 bytes free
                   11164672 total bytes

The command "show startup-config" can displays the configuration and I can also copy the startup-config file to disk0: itself.

I am asking this because this morning one of our ACE modules had a strange reset and came up with the configuration of the peer module. Also the FT was broken. Module reset fixed the problem.

Best Regards!


startup-config on ACE module

The statup config is not available via disk0: unless you explicitly save it there. The location of startup config is only accessible via a dplug which the TAC can load and which gices access to the linux infrastructure. Matthew

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