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sticky by src ip on ACE

LB type is configured as Sticky By Source IP, users are complaining that they are always routing to same server in pool irrespective of any timeout durations set in LB or server,

My understanding is when they go through proxy all users in that company will be hitting one server because of the Natted proxy IP so the LB table maintains the src IP as proxy NAT IP and thinks it is coming from same client machine and keep sending it to same server in pool.

I am thinking of changing it to arrow point cookie, what is your suggestion on it. Is there any issue if we use arrow point over sticky by src ip.

1. What is the timeout set on stickybysrcIP?

2. How does the timeout work, is it times out when the client session is inactive for the configured timeout limit in LB?


Re: sticky by src ip on ACE

Your understanding is 100% correct.

It doesnt make sense to use Source IP based stickiness with Mega Proxies involved. As the ACE will only see the traffic initiated from proxy servers not the client itself.

In case of heavily used proxy the sticky entry will never timeout. Sticky entries only times out when the connection is idle for that particulart SRC IP. If sticky timeout is 60 minute and a connection is attempted by the host at 59th minute then the sticky entry timeout counter will initialized.

Cookie based persistence is recommended when proxies are involved.


Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

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