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Sticky Connections on LD-416


I have a LocalDirector 416 running Version 4.2.3

I am trying to setup a sticky connection using cookie-passive mode without any luck. First off, I don't understand from looking at the documentation, what the final parameter is used for when configuring for cookie-passive mode (I used "mycookie" as a test value for this parameter). Here is my scenario:

2 IIS web servers (my real servers) being balanced by a single virtual server. I am using cookie-passive mode so that the LD will use the ASPSESSIONID cookie generated by IIS on a request to a stateful .asp application. Subsequent requests by the client are NOT being sent back to the same server, even though the cookie is definitely being sent as a header in the request. For some reason though, cookie-insert mode works as expected. This is why I'm assuming it has to do with that last parameter.

Please help!

Craig Barbisan

Intrigue Technologies

Community Member

Re: Sticky Connections on LD-416

The sticky connection for the cookie-passive option relies on a cookie created by a real server. This final argument is that cookie.

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