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sticky group timer?


What is the timer in the sticky group do? It is an idle timer or cache timer? I am using source ip based sticky on one of my vserver. there are two reals behind it and only two front end (proxy) web servers that hits it. when I remove one of the real (serverA), all the connection sourced by the two web server goes to the other real(serverB). When I bring back serverA, I don't see any connection going to it. I think that's because the two front end web servers are being "stuck" to serverB. When I view the sticky table, I see the specific group with a timer value that's decreasing. I'm tempted to change the sticky timer to 1 (minute) but am not sure it it's a idle timer or a cache timer.

example config:

sticky 130 netmask timeout 30

vserver backend_App

virtual x.x.x.x

server x

sticky 30 group 130




Re: sticky group timer?

The timeout specifies the period of time that the sticky information is kept in the sticky tables. The sticky timer for a specific entry is reset each time when a new connection matching that entry is opened.


Cisco Employee

Re: sticky group timer?


sticky source-ip when there is only 2 ip coming in is not a very good solution.

If we are talking http, you should check the possibility to use cookie.

If your servers do not have a cookie that can be used for stickyness, then I would suggest to use the cookie-insert feature of the CSM allowing the CSM to generate is own cookie.


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Re: sticky group timer?

thanks. that's what i ended up doing.

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