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Strange Behaviour


I have CSS 11503 No SSL V(7.509 One armed mode. Last Friday suddenly "all" services became down. I could reach to VLAN IP addresses and I connected via telnet but i could not ping to VIP addresses taht is normal if all services are down. Then After reboot passive LB took load and then master one take back the load.

Have you any idea why all services becomes down?

I have a TAC case about it but i wonder why and I need some possibilites due to this behaviour till TAC send an answer..

Thank you...

Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Behaviour

if you did a reload of the box without capturing any data, you will be lucky if somebody can tell you what happened.

You should have contacted the TAC first with a P1 request and let them tell you what information to capture.

A 'show tech' would have been the minimum.

But in this particular case, you should have forced a core dump of the SCM.

If the TAC can identify a matching ddts, it's good. If not, you should maybe just upgrade to the latest version.


New Member

Re: Strange Behaviour

I had to reload because due to VLANS are ok, failover CSS didnt take load itself. So all services for customers were down.

I took showtech and syslog and sent to TAC.

the question is: how can I force SCM to create core dump?

????Is there any command????

P.S : TAC said that some typing error in command triggers some error. There was a Sw error. I wait details...

New Member

Re: Strange Behaviour


If my CSS have a problem and don2t reload itself, how can I create core dump file mnually?

I check the documents but I can't find any explanation abou that topic.

I ask for possible error like as tell before..


Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Behaviour

CSS11503-2(debug)# dump force ?

Slot number

CSS11503-2(debug)# dump force 1 ?

Subslot number

CSS11503-2(debug)# dump force 1 1 ?

Execute command

You have to dump the SCM slot and subslot 1.

This is for a CSS115xx.


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