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Strange issue on CSS ? Any help

Hi All,

My problem is with synchornization between Master and backup.

The problem which I am facing is when i commit/run the script on master the app session gets disabled by default on the standby without any intervention and will not get enabled back which causing the script to failed.

I checked the config and everythings  seems to be okay.

App session are up, rcmd are disabled and the app and management ip's are different.

CSS11506# commit_VipRedundConfig "-d"


Checking available disk space on systems ...

Checking the disk space locally before continuing with the script.

Verifying that another local session is not running the script.

Creating script/vipr_config_sync_lock file.

Verifying app and redundancy configs ...

Verifying that app session is up with backup switch.

Making sure app session is up.

Seconds to wait before calling it quits:    60

Checking the disk space remotely before continuing with the script.

Checking local and remote switch versions ...

Storing the running code versions of the local and remote switch.

Storing the local switch's version.

Retrieving the remote switch's version.

Checking remote version for 4.0

Checking if switch is BACKUP for any virtual routers and if

the state is 'No Service'.

Checking vip redundancy state ...

Working ...

Checking if backup switch is Master for any VRIDs.

If it is, either a local interface that once held redundant vips

has been removed or the Backup is a Master for another vip-redundant


Checking remote redundant vips ...

Saving Master running-config to startup-config and archiving startup-config.

Copying running-config to startup-config.

Archiving startup-config.

Swapping Master and Backup ip addresses in tmp.cfg for app

and redundancy interface.

Checking for multiple APP sessions between redundant peers.

App Session IP:, Local IP address:

Checking IP Address size differences : <> <>

Adding APP session IP length difference to LOCALCONFIG byte size  : 0

Adding APP session IP length difference to REMOTECONFIG byte size : 0

Removing CIRCUIT and INTERFACE modes from tmp.cfg.

Checking for SSL configuration ...

Working ...

Using rcmd to copy tmp.cfg to a file on Backup switch.

Archiving copy to Backup's startup-config.

Archiving Backup's current startup-config.

Restoring startup-config (new copy) to startup-config.

Clearing running-config.

Script playing the copy script of the Master's running-config.

Checking to make sure backup App goes down

Making sure app session is down.

Seconds to wait before calling it quits:    1256

Copy success being verified by comparing byte sizes of archived running-

     configs of the Master switch and the Backup switch.

Making sure app session is up.

Seconds to wait before calling it quits:     679

End of the synchro after a loooong timeout:

Seconds to wait before calling it quits:       1

Stand By Switch's app session is not up.

Check for script commit_failure on the Backup.

Thanks in advance.

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