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Strange Issues with WAAS

Hello all,

I have dual routers with dual WAN links at all remote sites except international sites. I am running HSRP between routers and am using WCCP for traffic redirection. I am running WAAS software 4.1.1 and here is my issue. I just brought up a second site on WAAS and for some reason I am not able to remote desktop to servers at some remote locations using Windows remote desktop but other remote locations are fine, and I know it's either WAAS or WCCP related because whenever I turn on WCCP on the routers Windows RDP stops working. One thing that I noticed is that I do not have this issue with the first location that I turned up and the only difference that I can tell between the first and the second location is the first location only has a single router with a single WAN link.

Has anyone ran into this issue ? I appreciate any inputs / suggestions !!!

Thanks !!!


Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Issues with WAAS


It sounds like it might be your wccp config or some type of routing loop. Did you use the HSRP address as your wccp router id in the WAEs? Maybe if you can post your router/wae configs along with your network diagram, we can make some recommendations.



New Member

Re: Strange Issues with WAAS

Hello Dan,


Thanks Dan !!! I appreciate your response !!!


no, I am not using HSRP address as wccp router ID in the WAE. I am actually using the physical address, please take a look at the config of the two routers and the WAE at the remote site. I can ping the server that I am trying to remote desktop to but I just couldn't RDP to it. When I do a tracert from a desktop at this remote site to a server that I am trying to RDP to, it actually hits first then it jumps over to then it hits the WAN from there. Should I be using the HSRP address as wccp router ID in the WAE ?


Thanks again !!!





Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Issues with WAAS

Danny (good name by the way),

You should NOT use the HSRP IP as the router IDs, only the Default GW. You need to register WCCP to both routers so using the Physical IPs of the interfaces is recommended.

It sounds like you are probably hitting a routing loop when your traffic jumps from one router to the other. What do your clients use their default GW, .3 or .1?

I have a couple of recommendations:

1. Make your routing match your HSRP addresses so your clients don't have any jumping around on the routers to get out on the WAN.

2. Change your interception to 62 in/61 out on the WAN and avoid re-interception of the traffic. You could also use negotiated return to avoid any possible re-interception of traffic if there are routing.

Take a look at that and see if that can help with your situation.

Hope this helps,


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