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Team servers connected to a css11501S

I have 2 CSS11501S connected to an stateful active/standby pair on port e8. And servers with one nic in each CSS. So CSS01 e1 has NIC1 of serverA and CSS02 e1 has NIC2 of serverA. I had some issues where the VIPs would not work because VRRP wouldnt work (each CSS couldnt see eachother) I resolved that by making e7 a trunk and got the VRRP working in a active standby(stateful) setup between the CSS. PRoblem is now that the Teamed servers crap out when more than one nic is turned on. If i put on both nics then they dont work they just die. If i turn off a nic then it works. I'm a bit confused since the trunk should be able to allow the nics to communicate with eachother.

Any insight would be helpful

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Re: Team servers connected to a css11501S

ahh found the answer.. seems that the content switch behaves a bit erratically with an active/active teaming. When they are on active/standby there are no issues.

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