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Technical Questions for ACE20-MOD-K9

The ACE20-MOD-K9 have the functionality to do translations for ports, that is, for example, that a request received on port 443 is sent to the server on port 8443,and what would be the impact to the current context NAT configurations?

There is functionality to accommodate digital certificates balancers and not on the servers? and resource impact of this?

At this moment we work with persistence on a class C subnet mask, what would be the impact of CPU and memory if we apply the persistence on a host mask?

Have any impact on resources create a persistence settings for cookies?

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Technical Questions for ACE20-MOD-K9

Hi Juan,

I didn't get your first question.

Even if there is no NAT configured, if you configure rserver with port under serverfarm, when your request is received on VIP, ACE will forward the request back to rserver on port which have you specified in serverfarm. It has nothing to do with NAT. May be you can elaborate your question a bit.

SSL termination will take the load off of servers so that ACE does the SSL handshake and takes care of encryption and decryption processes. It has its impact on performance but depends upon the usage and capacity. I would recommend going through the performance guide for the same and it holds true for your other questions as well.

It depends how much ACE is already being used and how much you are planning to add. This is something you should plan and read ACE capacity/performance specifications and configure accordingly. I cannot give you any concrete numbers. You can check data sheets and other guides.



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Technical Questions for ACE20-MOD-K9

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Technical Questions for ACE20-MOD-K9

Hi Kanwal

What if to add persistence on a host whose address is contained in a persistence on a segment?

I add the settings that I have as an example:

Context Admin

resource-class STICK1

  limit-resource all minimum 0.00 maximum unlimited

  limit-resource sticky minimum 5.00 maximum equal-to-min

context RED-99

  description !!Red de Servicios

  allocate-interface vlan 99

  allocate-interface vlan 412

  member STICK1

Context ACE

sticky ip-netmask address both STK_PORTAL_HTTP

  replicate sticky

  serverfarm PORTAL_HTTP

policy-map type loadbalance first-match PORTAL_HTTP

class class-default

     sticky-serverfarm STK_PORTAL_HTTP

class-map match-all L4_VIP_PORTAL_HTTP

   2 match virtual-address tcp eq www



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Technical Questions for ACE20-MOD-K9

Hi Juan,

If you configure a network mask other than (/32), the ACE module may populate the sticky entries only on one of its four/two network processors which may reduce the number of available sticky entries by 25/50 percent. This reduction in resources may cause problems when heavy sticky use occurs on the ACE module.

So it is better to use to as the mask for optimal performance.



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