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Troubleshooting Keepalives CSS11503

I had a switch die the other day.  I have redundant CSS11503's.

When the switch died, the CSS took out a couple of VIPS from the active state and moved them to suspended state.  When the switch came back online, the CSS never returned the VIPs to an active state, they stayed suspended.

I am wondering what I need to look at to make sure everything comes back to active after a failure and recovery.  My typical service configuration is below:

service apache2-e1
  port 80
  protocol tcp
  string uprweb002-e1
  ip address
  keepalive uri "/index.html"
  keepalive type http
  redundant-index 4
  keepalive frequency 20
  keepalive maxfailure 10
  keepalive retryperiod 2

and my typical content rule is as follows:

content ssl-rule
    protocol tcp
    port 443
    application ssl
    add service ssl_front_end
    vip address

Any thoughts from anyone about why it would have stayed suspended.  The complicating thing was that when I did a show arp on my 3750 switch, it showed the IP for the VIP being on the port to the CSS that had the VIP in the suspended state....this meant that when everything SHOULD have been up, the traffic for the VIP was going up to link to the WRONG CSS.  It should have been going to the OTHER CSS but because the ARP was showing one thing, it wasnt.



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