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Unable to add one service to multiple groups

Hi guys,

I have 18 services on a CSS11500 and am trying to create groups with VIPs for data to be sent to and am trying to add the services to the groups. When I try to add one service to multiple groups I get: %% Service name already in use on another source group

I know it is, that's by design. Can I not add one service to multiple groups? what happens in the scenario whereby you have say three servers (let's say A,B and C) and you want to balance web traffic to to servers A and B and mail traffic to to servers B and C? Why can't B be a member of both groups?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to add one service to multiple groups


there is a nice discussion about group currently.

You should have a look to it.

For your case, the group is not mandatory.

The loadbalancing function is configured with owner and content.

A service can be part of multiple content.

So what you need is this

service A

service B

service C

owner MyCompany

content web

add service A

add service B

content mail

add service B

add service C

The group is only required if you want to do source nating which normally is not needed.

Again, read the other topic in this forum talking about groups if you need more info.


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