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Unbalanced Load Balancing by ACE 4710


I have Stagging server, DB server & Production servers. I need to have load balancing b/w Stagging & Production servers. I have ACE 4710, installed in one-arm mode. The reason for that is to bypass ACE from the communication b/w APP server & DB Server.

The application is Oracl e-business suite 12i. For application tem demand, cookie based stickiness is being configured into ACE box.

app server ip: &

production ip: &

When, i open the browser tyoe the URL, it's hitting the VIP ( properly.

But whenever i use "sh serverfam SF-8000" to check which server it hits, most of the times it's points towards to a single server ( In very few occasions, it hits the 2nd server (

After clearing, the sticky database, the same result can be seen.

If i make one server out-of-service, all reuqests are thrown to the 2nd server..

Any clue will be highly appreciated.

Please find the ACE config & n/w diagram.

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Re: Unbalanced Load Balancing by ACE 4710

You are using cookie insert as the sticky method, as such clearing the sticky database will accomplish nothing since cookie insert is a static entry.

Cookie insert is currently configured with no timeout so default will be 24 hours meaning that when ace inserts the cookie it tells the browser to expire it after 24 hours. If you want to go to a different server you need to clear the cookie from the browser. If you use httpwath for IE or livehhtp header plugin for mozilla you can see what is going on with the cookie. You want to make sure that when you make a request (initial get) you do not present the cookie.

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Re: Unbalanced Load Balancing by ACE 4710

So, do you suggest, cookie timeout value to be configured into ACE?? What should be the ideal timeout values to be configured??

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Re: Unbalanced Load Balancing by ACE 4710


Thanks a for your suggestion. I have configured timeout value to 6.

I have a query..Please respond to this:


As per the setting below(in the time window of 6 minutes),all the sessions from a single machine will go to a single server even if the other server remains idle. So if a developer opens five sessions(say) in the time window of 6 minutes,and run high load scripts on each of these sessions, what will be the outcome? All the load will be on a single server where as the other server remains idle.


I also have configured cookie insert browser-expire. Does it mean, as soon as i close a browser or refresh the same, i will be forwarded to another server in the load balancing zone??



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Re: Unbalanced Load Balancing by ACE 4710


Thanks for your reply. TheLoad Balancing is working properly now.

There are 2 APP server ( &; 2 Production Server ( & between them load Balancing is working.

But i am facing anothert issue.

Here we are using Orcle RAC 12 which is in same VLAN of APP server. The problem is: whenever any RAC instance goes down, connection to APP server are also gone & the Probe fails.

ACE is being configured in One-ARm Mode. Plz find the config & advice any modification.

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