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URL Redirect - ACE 4710


I would like to know if is possible redirect one url and keeping one part of itself, using L7 rules with ACE 4710.

Follow the exemple of url and redirect desired.





Cisco Employee

Re: URL Redirect - ACE 4710

Hi Leo,

This seems fairly possible to me however I have a question for you... Will the redirected URL also have the "search.aspx?blah" structure? Like this:

If yes we can configure a webhost-redirection rserver to append the original dynamic content to the new URL using the URL path instruction (%p)

If not then you'll have to configure "fixed" webhost-redirections strings for each .aspx dynamic content that you need since you have the word "search" twice on the URI and using (%p) will not work.


I'll try to make myself clearer on this with a configuration example:

First scenario:

If the redirected URL will also use .aspx then the redirect rserver is going to look like the following

rserver redirect R1

webhost-redirection 301


The %p instructs the ACE to copy anything that was after the .aspx on the original request and add it to the new URL.

Second scenario

If your redirected URL doesn't have/need the .aspx string then %p is useless as if you configure it after the word "search" you'll end up with a URL looking like this:

So everytime you need a redirect for a dynamic site you would need to go and manually enter the entire URL to make it work:

webhost-redirection 301

Not quite sure if you made up the URI's while writting down the post but as you can see the problem with the example, if these aren't your real URL's let us know so we can get you a right config example.

Hope this clears things out  =)

__ __


New Member

Re: URL Redirect - ACE 4710

Hi Pablo,

Thanks for your explanation, but I think I have explained wrong. My issue/doubt is I need to keep one part of the URL but this part is dynamic, because this part is a seach from the clients.

Therefore, I need something similar at the second scenario, but the part after "?" is dynamic.

I will change my exemple to try explain better!

On L7 rule for match I need to pass the part after Search.aspx like a variable because is a dynamic URL.

URL requested by client

Match condition (red)[variable= ?gravaBusca=1&strBusca=celular]

After match the redirect needs be like bellow.[variable?gravaBusca=1&strBusca=celular]

Is it possible?

Thanks a lot.


Cisco Employee

Re: URL Redirect - ACE 4710

Hi Leo,

Same thing here, unless you can make the second URL to look like the one below (with the aspx) we can't dynamically append the string after the variable to the second URL.[variable?gravaBusca=1&strBusca=celular]

The problem is that without the .aspx on the second URL the ACE doesn't have a guideline indicating what's the dynamic portion of the URL that we needs to be appended.

Sorry to break the bad news but if .aspx can't be used on the redirected URL we have no way to accomplish dynamic redirection.


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