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URL redirection

We are running Cisco ACE A3(2.0) on our intranet and we have specific requirement for URL redirect which I need help.

The http server is responding to an intranet url e.g, this server responds to this URL.

The application team wants the http host rewrite by the ACE so that the server responds to another URL

The application don't want do the configuration on the http server.

I have tried http host rewrite but still not working.

Need your help.




Re: URL redirection

Hello Soban,

I can think of two ways for you to accomplish this task.

The first would be use rewrite the HTTP Host header from to  Please see the Rewrite section of the configuration guide's chapter on Configuring HTTP Header Insertion, Deletion, and Rewrite for details on how to do this.  I understand that you mentioned you already tried this, but this sounds like the most appropriate solution for this.  Therefore, you should verify your config and perhaps get a network capture to see if the rewrite is not working, or if the rewrite is working but the server still isn't accepting it.  If you do go with this option, then you may also need to make use of the header modify per-request feature to make sure it is done on every request, and not just the first.

The second option you have is to configure the ACE to redirect requests to the host to the host  This would be largely transparent to the clients connecting to the VIP, although the address in their address bar of the browser would ultimately show the hostname that they were redirected

Hope this helps,


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