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URL rewrite and URL redirection

Hi All,

can any one help me in configuring the ACE to do URL redirection.

let's say clinet access the URL : "" then ACE should redirect it to the


if it is possible to achieve through ACE then kindly suggest me how to do it.

Thanks in advance.



Cisco Employee

URL rewrite and URL redirection

Hi Lingaraj,

For HTTPS redirection you will have to configure SSL offloading on ACE. Normally you can use redirect servers to redirect a client request but for HTTPS request ACE cannot look into the packet and hence cannot redirect unless you configure ACE for SSL redirection. Here's a sample configuration for HTTPS redirection.

serverfarm redirect kanwal

  rserver kanwal


ssl-proxy service SSL
  key cisco-sample-key

  cert cisco-sample-cert

policy-map type loadbalance first-match kumar

  class class-default

    serverfarm kanwal


policy-map multi-match server-NAT

  class Test

    loadbalance vip inservice

    loadbalance policy kumar

    loadbalance vip icmp-reply

    nat dynamic 1 vlan 999

    ssl-proxy server SSL

Let me know if you have any questions.



Cisco Employee

URL rewrite and URL redirection

Read SSL offloading and not ssl redirection in third line.

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URL rewrite and URL redirection

Hi Kanwaljeet Singh,

Thank you for your revert on this.

I agree that certificate should be owned by the ACE and then only ACE can do the changes in the header for HTTPS requests.

in my condition also I have a certificate offloaded on the ACE and I want to redirect the URL from

  "" to "". just need to add the path after the hostname.

could you pls help in doing this.

Cisco Employee

URL rewrite and URL redirection

Hi Lingaraj,

The above configuration should work fine as from your requirment it seems you need URL redirection.

rserver redirect url1

  webhost-redirection  302


You can just configure rserver redirect and call this server in serverfarm. Configure a policy map as shown above and also associate SSL proxy with the corresponding class under policy map.

You main URL should come to a VIP specified in class Test and then it will be LB to serverfarm and should be redirected since SSL offloading is there in place.

Please try and let me know how it goes.



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