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URL Rewrite

We have 1300 registered domain's names and about 30 define web sites.. Since we are using Websphere, everything have to be exactly define for the system to answer a query...

Is it possible with the CSS to rewrite a URL and send it to an existing site?

Better: Is it possible to rewrite any URL that is not specifically define in the rules (a catch all rule)?

Better yet, would it be possible using the CSS to look for key words in a URL to decide how to translate the URL so to better direct the customers?

Cisco Employee

Re: URL Rewrite

you can't modify url.

All you can do is catch a specific HTTP request [url] with a content rule and create a redirect to a static page. You can't create a url based on the initial request [except if you just need to change the domain name or add an element to beginning or the end of the path].

Here is a link to the redirect config



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Re: URL Rewrite

Thank you

If I understand correctly, as long as I can make sure that all non-specific URL request is sent to a specific VIP (using DNS), the CSS can send a redirect to a specific site

ex: can be redirect to

Cisco Employee

Re: URL Rewrite


You can do this with the example from the link I sent you.


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Re: URL Rewrite

Thank you.

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