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user restrication on load balance VIP

we need to implement below requirement can any one suggest how to imlement it

1.Sticky command

Once a connection is opened to a physical server, any requests coming from a particular client always go to that server, until either the timeout is reached or the user session is terminated

2.Client-assigned load balancing

All requests coming from a specific client always go to the same physical server. This is done through recognition of the client’s IP address.

3.User session restrictions

User name / IP session restriction based on parameter values(ie only 1 user can login at a time).

Please find the below config

service test1

ip address

protocol tcp

keepalive type http

keepalive port 80


service test2

ip address

protocol tcp

keepalive type http

keepalive port 80


content DSS-R1

protocol tcp

vip address

port 80

advanced-balance sticky-srcip-dstport

add service test1

add service test2


please suggest me how to implement all three points whereas point 3 is very crucial & urgent.

Cisco Employee

Re: user restrication on load balance VIP

1/ is done with the advanced-balance command.

I would suggest to replace the current one with 'advanced-balance sticky-srcip' since the destination port is always 80 [per config].

2/ you can force a client to go to a particular server with an acl and the prefer option.


acl 1

clause 10 permit tcp x.x.x.x destination content owener/DSS-R1 prefer test1

clause 99 permit any any destination any

apply all

acl enable

3/ we will need more details.

Not much can be done so, because the CSS only counts active connections.

So, you can restrict 1 user at a time with the command 'maxconn 1' but I'm not sure if it will help.

You should test it first and see if it does what you need.



Community Member

Re: user restrication on load balance VIP

Thanks for your help.

1. I will implement it.

2.I need more info how to configure it practically on switch

3. I checked on css 11503,If i give command on service " max connection (Integer value(Range: 6-65534) ,which may be no of connection on css 11503.

Please suggest.



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