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Using Content Engines on ISDN lines

We have several small schools who connect to our WAN via ISDN. All CE's have been configured to use the proxies in our WAn Centre via the outgoing proxy settings. However on integrating the CE's into the school's network, we are finding that the serviciing of http requests is unreliable, in that it will service the first few & then will give an error stating that the upstream proxies have failed to service the request. I assume this is a bandwidth issue. Any ideas on a possible solution would be most welcome. We are using 511 CE's with 5.2.3(b9).

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Re: Using Content Engines on ISDN lines


Try setting "http proxy outgoing connection-timeout" to allow more time for the upstream proxy to respond, before the CE marks it offline. With ISDN links, you might also need to change "http proxy outgoing monitor" to increase the proxy reliability. You can also configure to use origin server if no upsteream proxy is available, and use "debug http proxy" to check what is actually going on.

Regards, Peter

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Re: Using Content Engines on ISDN lines

Peter, many thanks that worked. I did have to set the timeout as high as 3 secs (3000000 microseconds), but the main thing is that they are working.


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