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Using "wmt multicast station-configuration" command

I would like to use the "wmt multicast station-configuration name D-class-IP" command, but then instead of having the clients connect to the content engine's IP, I would like them to connect to the D-class-IP. Is this possible? Would it require the content engine's default gateway to do an "ip igmp join-group" for the D-class IP?

IGMP / PIM-DenseMode is enabled on the routers.

The reason I would like to do it this way, btw, is that I would like to push this config out to 70 content engines and then give out one URL to all potential clients pointing to the one D-class IP.

Thank you.

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Re: Using "wmt multicast station-configuration" command

Use the wmt multicast {schedule-start name minute hour day month | station-configuration name dest_addr dest_port media_source [play-forever]} command to enable WMT multicasting for the unicast-in multicast-out and multicast-in multicast-out scenarios on the Content Engine. The schedule-start name minute hour day month option creates a scheduling option to allow the Content Engine to start a multicast at a specified time. This option only works if you have configured a multicast station first, using the wmt multicast station-configuration command.

Refer this link:

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