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Using the "install" command on a CE507/560

The CE507/560's have an "install" command for installing images from the CE's disk to the flash. The CE's are running ACNS 4.1.3(b6).

Can this command be used for both the "bin" and "sysimg" files.

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Re: Using the "install" command on a CE507/560

Lets look at the 2 images you have here.

- The .sysimg

This file is the image that is installed on flash. This image needs to contains a basic operating system kernal etc etc. You do not need to upgrade the sysimg when you upgrade the system software.

- The .bin

This file is the system software. This is what is booted from disk and is the application.

The answer to your question is no. You use the .sysimg to do a recovery on the CE when they CE is dead in the water. The copy ftp/tftp install command is only for the system software upgrade not the flash. If there are any changes made to the sysimg file they will be done in the normal upgrade using the .bin image.

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