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Very Grey CSS Problem (Web Services)

The Background

a. One CSS load balancing x web servers. Very basic round robin load balancing.

b. The CSS is within let say SubNet A - x.x.1.0 and is connected to an edge switch (Cisco 400x)

c. Let term the other network (not in SubNetA) as the Other Network.

d. Let term the web application as the Portal served by the two real web server as and

e. Let term the VIP hostname as

f. There is a proxy server in the Other Network

The Observation (via IE) :

a. with direct connection, user within SubNetA is able to surf the Portal or the real servers directly

b. with direct connection, user in the Other Network is unable to surf the Portal via but could ping Also able to surf thru the real servers.

c. with proxy connection, no one is able to surf the Portal via

Other information

Ignore about host / IP resolution. It is not the cause

Ignore routing and reachability. Static route is employed

Ignore configuration. Very basic. Anyway another CSS in the same subnet serving different farm is working and it is identical less those variable

Ignore the web servers, it is working and presently in production load balanced by Local Director

No NAT or WCCP used

No firewall between client and CSS


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Re: Very Grey CSS Problem (Web Services)

Did you set up a default route? I mean something like this:

ip route IP_of_nexthop 1

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Re: Very Grey CSS Problem (Web Services)

May I ask, how many VLAN did you configure on the CSS. I've observe that CSS behave strangly when single VLAN is used. If that's the case, try to set 2 VLAN on the CSS and see if it works.

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Re: Very Grey CSS Problem (Web Services)

Check default router configured in the server farm (it has to be pointed to CSS). As you described the problem, there is no problem between test station and CSS (when you ping VIP, you receive reply from CSS itself), but there is a problem when you tried to reach real server.

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