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Waas 4.1.1 peering

Hi All ,

I want to know if it's possible to make a tunnel between 2WAEs with IP addresses instead of peering based on TCP header manipulation ?

Thanks .

Regards ,


Re: Waas 4.1.1 peering

No, WAAS utilizes auto discovery to peer with other WAAS devices. This is done by adding to the TCP option field during open session syn. All TCP/IP information remains the same; ip source & destination and TCP application port number.

Creating tunnels causes a loss of network services in terms of QoS, netflow, and firewall security and more.

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Re: Waas 4.1.1 peering

You can use Directed Mode in which "WAE transparently intercepts only packets coming from the LAN, while WAN packets are directly routed between the WAEs using UDP".

You should look for "Configuring Directed Mode" in Cisco Wide Area Application Services Configuration Guide, version 4.1.1.

P.S.: between WAEs traffic is encapsulated in UDP packets, port 4050.

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Re: Waas 4.1.1 peering

Thanks a lot Andrey .

Rgds ,


Re: Waas 4.1.1 peering

Not true, CIFS traffic prior to 4.1 was encapsulated across 4050. Traffic is transparent throughout the optimized connection.

Cisco Employee

Re: Waas 4.1.1 peering

This is true for Directed Mode, however there is still TCP-Autodiscovery at the beginning of each TCP connection. Only after the WAEs have discovered each other do they switch to UDP traffic.


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