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WAAS 4.1.1C & DFS

Help please,I am not really a MS expert and am having trouble configuring the WAE's to see our DFS structure.

I can set up pre positioning for a physical server,just not for a DFS share.

I was lead to believe this was possible.Since WAAS was introduced DFS browsing on our remote site has been affected.Do the WAE's need to be authenticated by the domain? If so where is this configured?

Thanks in advance,


Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS 4.1.1C & DFS


The CIFS object cache in WAAS (either in 4.0 or 4.1) is by server name or IP address. So if you preposition a dfs share, it could be from the leaf node closest to your core WAE, which may not be the one closest to your users at the edge. You can affect this by naming the WAE location where you want to preposition from ( The CIFS acceleration is designed to be transparent to the end users and to use autodiscovery to accelerate remote servers, including DFS servers. You should not have to join the WAEs to the domain, it should be transparent to both them and the DFS servers.

Are the users going from a local server to a remote server and their responses are worse? Or they had a remote file server and now it's worse?

Can you tell if the users traffic is being accelerated by the CIFS adapters? Look in the connections listings to see if the CIFS adapter is identified in them.

Hope that gives you some places to start looking,


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