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WAAS 4.1.3

Does anyone have some general feedback on the 4.1.3 software that has been out a little over a month now? When is the next minor release of 4.1.3 expected to be released?


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Re: WAAS 4.1.3

We are fully on 4.1.3 and have had no dramas at all (approx 35 sites). If anything the reporting/look of the CM is better is the only real difference we've noticed.

We were running 4.1.1c prior to the upgrade.


Re: WAAS 4.1.3

Are you running WCCP w/GRE Return in your environment? We just tried to go from 4.1.1c to 4.1.3 Sunday evening, and had significant problems. The remote WAE's went offline to the CM, and no TCP connections between sites were working. Based on our previous experience with WAAS updates, we were expecting a no-hassle update so we didn't allow a lot of time for troubleshooting and ended up reverting back to 4.1.1c.

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Re: WAAS 4.1.3

Maybe you were bitten by bug CSCsx74221 ?

Directed Mode with GRE return may cause high cpu utilization on routers


Data transfer on optimized connections may slow down due to high CPU utilization on the Catalyst switch.


When Directed Mode feature is configured on an edge or a core WAE and edge WAE is configured with wccp any non-encapsulating egress methods (L2 / IP) whereas core WAE is configured with wccp GRE or GGRE return method. Only WAAS 4.1.x software is affected by this problem.


Configure wccp GRE or GGRE return method on the edge WAE or reduce tcp mss size by configuring 'tfo tcp optimized-mss 1432' command on the edge WAE.

Further Problem Description:

Verify for packet fragmentation that may be causing high cpu utilization by executing 'show stats wccp gre' command if the wccp return egress method is GRE or 'show stats generic-gre' for GGRE method

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Re: WAAS 4.1.3

I went to on day one through necessity. I had an EFT ( early field trial 4.1.3 that resolved a couple of bugs I had filed.

the biggest advantage is SSL acceleration support. I deployed to 12 sites with no issues as all.

mostly WCCP GRE on the edge and L2 mask assignment on the head end.

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