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I have configured a pilot WAAS setup in the lab and currently testing for my client. Each time I initiate an FTP download, the download hangs up and fails. Each time I configure "wccp tcp-promiscuous router-list 1" on the core that connects to an MLS, the download works but I see nothing when I do "show tfo conn summary".

Whenever I replace this command "wccp tcp-promiscuous router-list 1" with "wccp tcp-promiscuous router-list 1 l2-redirect mask-assign", the download fails. Also connections using the CM GUI becomes extremely slow but "show tfo conn" command gives an output with FFFFF in it.

Am I missing anything here, please?

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Re: WAAS and FTP

be sure that wae in seprate interface or sub interface

this problme may be due loop btween router & wae

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Re: WAAS and FTP

Thanks for the response. I do have the Core WAE connected to the MLS on a separate interface and on a different Vlan. The only think that I can think of is that the 4506 device that is being used as the MLS does not support the " IP WCCP redirect exclude in" command.

Is there any workaround for this?

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Re: WAAS and FTP

Issue has been resolved. One of the ports connected to the WAAS was set to half-duplex.

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