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WAAS and NAM 4.2 Reporting

hey folks,

I recently went through the upgrade process with a customer to move their NAMs to 4.2 and integrate WAAS 4.0.15 with the NAMs via the flow agent. We followed the NAM integration guide and setup some reporting in the NAM for collecting information from the WAAS flow agents on bandwidth and response time. However, at this point, the information that we seem to be getting is limited. I am finding the reports in the WAAS GUI itself to be more valuable at this time, however, I have heard from several engineers since this integration has been available that NAM and WAAS are a good fit. Does anyone have any specific reports that they can point me towards in the NAM? Right now I have setup some Application optimization specific reports in the WAAS CM for HTTP and CIFS. What I would like to do is use the NAM to validate those reports and provide some upper management level visibility into specific flows to specific servers and how effective WAAS has been in optimizing that traffic. This customer is about to deploy WAAS worldwide and having some more detailed reporting capability would be very helpful.

Does anyone on the list have any good experience with NAM 4.2 and WAAS that they can share and some how to's on what reports they are finding the most valuable to their senior managers and IT staff? Thanks


Mike Louis

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS and NAM 4.2 Reporting

Hi Mike,

This webinar on Jan 12; might be of interest to you.

You can register via this URL.

I also attached a document that might help as well - Using NAM Hardware in a WAAS POC and Depoloyment.


Eric - please mark as answered with a rating of 5, if this answered your questions.

Leverage Cisco Network Analysis   Module to enhance operational visibility into WAAS deployments. NAM   reports on a comprehensive set of application performance metrics such as   application response time, WAN bandwidth usage, LAN and WAN data throughput,   and other application performance metrics to:

  • Identify        application optimization opportunities
  • Analyze        impact of Cisco WAAS implementation

§  Take advantage of visibility for ongoing    optimization improvements and troubleshooting

Cisco NAM   4.1 also introduces the first software only version of the NAM as a Virtual   Blade on the WAVE 574 and WAE 674.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed   trying to answer the following questions:

·         How do I verify the impact of WAAS on   application performance at my remote offices?

·         How do I get the level of visibility needed   for effective operational manageability?

·         Is there a monitoring solution that is   integrated and does not demand additional footprint?

·         Is there a solution that provides visibility   across the entire WAAS deployment lifecycle?

Please join us for a webinar of   the Cisco NAM 4.1 that explores the performance management and   troubleshooting capabilities of NAM hardware and NAM VB in a WAAS environment   to help address the above questions and more.

WEBINAR Dates and Times:

REGISTER January 12th, 2010 Tuesday at 8:00 - 9:00 AM PST/11:00-12:00 EST


·         Overview of NAM and NAM VB

·         Setting up  NAM for WAAS analysis

·         Use of NAM for WAAS before-and-after impact   analysis

·         Use of NAM to improve manageability and   troubleshooting of WAAS

·         Q&A

NOTEOnce you have   registered for the webinar, you will get a WebEx message with outlook ics   file.

Please   click on the .ics file when you get your message from WebEx to make sure it   is placed on your Outlook Calendar.

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