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WAAS and SNMP access-list

I am using 4.1.1c(build b16), and testing restricting access to the SNMP MIBS. we are running inline with a separate interface for mgmt. (gi1/0). with snmp access-list defined and snmp-server access-list set.

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snmp-server access-list SNMP

ip access-list standard SNMP


when i walk the mib from, and then look at ACL, it doesn't show any access.

CM#sh ip access-list SNMP

Standard IP access list SNMP

1 permit

(implicit deny any: 0 matches)

total invocations: 0


Re: WAAS and SNMP access-list

To define an IP ACL from the CLI, you can use the ip access-list global configuration command, and to apply the IP ACL to an interface on the WAAS device, you can use the ip access-group interface configuration command. To configure the use of an IP ACL for SNMP, you can use the snmp-server access-list global configuration command. To specify an IP ACL that the WAE applies to the inbound WCCP GRE encapsulated traffic that it receives, you can use the wccp access-list global configuration command.

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Re: WAAS and SNMP access-list

turns out to be a bug that cisco confirmed (CSCsv89695). works in some cases and not in others.

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