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WAAS enterprise/transport lic difference?

This is my first time working with WAAS so I need help from the gurus:

We are adressing this customer scenario:

Main office: Servers pool, main database.

20 Branch remote small offices: 2 to 5 users per office, using local printers. This is an insurance company.

The remote offices are migrating from VPN to ADSL.

The main customer concern was the delay for printing.

The remote users remotely only "mark" a file to be printed, then this file is modified and edited by the main office server special routines and finally the file is printed from the main office to the remote printer. So the print server in the main office send the job to the remote offices printers. The remote offices can not use their own print server because the main print server in the main office "talks" the other servers and database in the main office in order to generate the final job and finally send it to the remote printers.

We have deployed a Cisco WAAS pilot in this scenario putting an appliance CM, a Core NM-WAE and a Edge NM-WAE. The acceleration of the print jobs was almost 50%. We were using enterprise licensing, but as you can see, we are not using WAAS file server nor WAAS print servers. I have not configured any WAAS file server services nor print services on the CM. So the question is: I really need CIFS? If not, could I offer only Transport licensing to my customer? They are not planning to change the way they are working so I can not find a reason to sell them the Enterprise licensing.

Any help will be wellcomed.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS enterprise/transport lic difference?

Currently, Enterprise is only required for the CIFS/Printing functionality. What you are using is the Transport functionality.



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