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WAAS implementation queries


We're looking to consolidate our IT infrastructure into our datacenter and are looking at the WAAS solution for WAN optimisation and app acceleration. I have a couple of queries that I can't easily find answers too.

1 I've found performance data for the NME-WAE-502-K9 (500 concurrent TCP connections and around 5 Mbps optimized traffic). However, I can't find relative performance data for the 512 and 612 WAEs. Does anyone have this info (real world stats would be ideal)? - A number of our remote sites have BW of 10Mbps and 100Mbps..

2 I'm still not clear on the features of the Central Manager license; I know that a CM is required within a WAAS solution. I'm looking at putting a pair of WAE-612s into the datacenter (100Mbps connection) and am not sure if I should have both with the CM license - Does the CM license include the functionality of the Enterprise (e.g. App acceleration, CIFS etc) or should I have one with CM and the other with Ent license and then will this work as redundant pair?

Thanks in advance..

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Re: WAAS implementation queries


1. The performance numbers for the 512 and 612 are as follows:

WAE-512-1G: 750 optimized connections, 8Mbps target WAN bandwidth

WAE-512-2G: 1,500 optimized connections, 20Mbps target WAN bandwidth

WAE-612-2G: 2,000 optimized connections, 45Mbps target WAN bandwidth

WAE-612-4G: 6,000 optimized connections, 90Mbps target WAN bandwidth

2. The Central Manager is used purely as management platform. It runs on a separate, dedicated WAE and does not perform any traffic acceleration functions.


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Re: WAAS implementation queries

Hi Zach,

Thanks for the response, could you pls answer a couple more questions?

1 As we have some sites with BW above 90Mbps can you pls let me know the rated performance of the 7236 & 7341 WAEs?

2 What are the constraints for the Central Manager WAE? i.e. can we run CM on a 512 if we have higher spec WAEs in the solution?

3 Can you run 2 x WAEs in a HA cluster (e.g. 2 x 7236s running Ent license)?

Thanks again..

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS implementation queries


Here are the responses to your questions:

1. WAE-7326 is no longer a recommended platform. The WAE-7341 should be used instead. The WAE-7341 is targeted for WAN bandwidth up to 310Mbps. In addition, the WAE-7371 is targeted for WAN bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

2. The number of WAEs that can be managed by a CM depends on the WAE model you are using for the CM. The current numbers are as following:

WAE-512-1GB = 500

WAE=512-2GB = 1,000

WAE-612-2GB = 2,000

WAE-612-4GB = 2,500

It does not matter what model WAEs are being managed.

3. Yes.


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Re: WAAS implementation queries


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