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waas in assymetric routing scenario

I have a waas appliance connected to the L3 switch. there is hsrp running between the wan switches where one of the L3 switch is active and the other is passive. so the waas is in active stanby interface level failover. the cross connection between the wan routers and switches are all l3 and are running ospf routing protocol. I have 2 wan connection on the site. The traffic might leave the network from one end and come through the other end and vice versa. WCCP will be configured on both the switches. Now how is wae going to respond with assymetric routing in this situation that the outgoing traffic that come through L3 switch 1 and is going out through wan router 1 , it might come back through wan router 2 and again redirected to wae through the L3 switch 2. Is it going to work. Well the redirection is Ip wccp ip forwarding and so is the egress method of ip forwarding.

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Re: waas in assymetric routing scenario

In your scenario, I would install a 4-port HWIC Ethernet card into both WAN routers then have your WAAS box plugged into them. One interface configured as the primary and the second one configured for standby. You would need to have an Ethernet cable plugged between the 2 WAN routers for transit traffic. Configure L2/forward and GRE for the return traffic and use WCCP negotiate return for the egress method. This is how all of our remote sites are setup. A second method is if you don't want to plug directly into the WAN routers, you can replace your l3 (model ?) switches with a stack of 3750Es and make them look like one logical switch.

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