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New Member

WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

Has anyone experience issues when using the waas mobility client with outlook.

When the client is running, then outlook hangs. i can use webmail and this is fine.


Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

How long have you had the WAAS Mobile installed? Is this a brand new installation or was this an upgrade?

What version of Outlook client are you using and do you know what version of MS Exchange you are connecting to?

Is Outlook the only program you are having issues with or are there others?

New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

We have just deployed it for testing in our office environment.

Client version is

Exchange is 2003

We have some users testing with vista, they are ok. it is just a couple of machines using XP, outlook is ok until the wmc is started. then it hangs.

I did remove the "auto reset connection" for outlook & it appears to work fine.

Would like to understand this in more detail.

New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

We are using

I just tried removing the auto reset connection option, but it hasn't helped.

The only way to restore outlook functionality is to uninstall the WAAS mobile client.

New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

Did you remove outlook form the proxied process list under the client build? If not, do this then try.

If this works then re-add outlook with the reset connection button set to NO & try again.

New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

As per suggestion:

I just removed Outlook from the proxied list - Yes Outlook then works.

Added Outlook back in with Conenction reset option NO. Outlook does not work.

New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

You may want to log this as a tac case then, i don't know what else to suggest.

New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003

Yes, I am experiencing an issue with Outlook 2003 or 2007 connecting to Exchange 2007.

Outlook fails to launch, TCP 135 shows a time_wait. From my understanding the initial request over 135 is used to request the UDP port used for RPC communications from Exchange's End Point mapping service.

It is possible to statically asign the UDP port on the server, and then the client, thought this should not be required.

The strange thing is that this error occurs with or without the client waas client active (if it's installed, out look won't work).

We have 1 install that is working, but every other install (including out standard operating environment) does not work.

If I resovle it I will let you know, and I'm also keen to hear back from anyone with suggestions.



New Member

Re: WAAS Mobility Client and Outlook 2003


Maybe the thread has gone stale. But I'm facing the very same problem. Outlook 2003 connecting to Exchange 2003. The customer uses MAPI when on the Intranet and RPC over HTTP as a fallback when connected to the Internet.

The first works fine with the WAAS mobile client installed. First when someone connects to the Internet and has to use the RPC over HTTP (HTTPS) no connection to Exchange can be established. The only thing that helps is uninstalling the WAAS Mobile client completely for Outlook to start connecting.

It seems like there is a conflict between RPC over HTTP and WAAS Mobile Client. It doesn't make any difference if the WAAS Mobile Client is connected or not or even disabled. The only thing that helps is bring VPN up (so MAPI is used) or uninstall the WAAS Mobile Client.

We are using the following WAAS Mobile client:

Did the original posters solve the problem?

With kind regards