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WAAS placement

Dear All,

I have to deploy WAAS for one of my client and wanted to know the effect of DMVPN in this scenario.

We have a star topology and we have EIGRP, OSPF and DMVPN implemented. All I wanted to know is that where should the wccp redirection be used. In common scenarios we use wccp 62 ( inbound) on WAN and wccp 61 ( inbound) on LAN. But here the case is little different.

Also we have, 4507 LAN core switch and 3845 as a core routerwith no redundancy. where should the interception be configured in the DMVPN scenario?


Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS placement

I'm sorry, without a topology it's kinda tough to understand where you are attempting to enable wccp at. Maybe post an example?


Community Member

Re: WAAS placement

Thanks DAN for the reply. The topology is as follows

one core router 3845 acting as a hub ( Central /Data Centre)

all branch routers connecting to the HUB( Data Centre 3845) through service provider default route.

one router at each branch.

L3 VPNs provided by SPs and the branch router uses default route.

In Addition to this DMVPN are implemented in this scenario.

Note that this is a perfect STAR topology.

Now I was asking that where should i apply the wccp redicrection. As in normal scenario we apply this on LAN and WAN interface as follows

int WAN

ip wccp 62 in

int LAN

ip wccp 61 in

But in the case of DMVPN will this work ? or the encrypted traffic on WAN interface will cause problem. I am applying redirection on router and it is possible that the WAE is directly connected to the router interface or to the switch ( VLAN scenario)

I hope I am clear now

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