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New Member

WAAS - SNMP Monitoring

Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if you can send SNMP traps for all of the alarms that get generated on the CM? I'm looking to send alarm messages from the WAE/WAVE device such as failed hard drives, TFO overload,ect... The only way I can see this is by the CM and pointing to a syslog server. I need to be able to display this on the big screen in the help-desk for them to react to these alarms.


Re: WAAS - SNMP Monitoring

Hi John,

As you have asked before, it is possible to show this information through graph in CACTI or somewhere else other than CM.

Cisco WAAS supports SNMP Versions 1, 2c, and 3. Cisco WAAS can send informational alerts or alarms to any SNMP-compliant manager, including the most commonly used managers such as HP OpenView and IBM Tivoli NetView. Cisco WAAS supports several MIBs that allow administrators to monitor and troubleshoot nearly every aspect of the Cisco WAAS topology.

Cisco WAAS exports parameters for monitoring the state and performance of the deployment to both private and standard MIBs.

The private MIBs (ACTONA-ACTASTOR-MIB and CISCO-CONTENT-ENGINE-MIB) provide information specific to Cisco WAAS, such as CIFS application acceleration liveliness and statistics, as well as platform-level statistics and information about events.

The standard MIBs are used to obtain general liveliness and platform information and include the following:

• MIB-2 General Network Statistics (RFCs 1213 and 1157): Contains essential parameters for the basic management of TCP/IP-based networks

• Host Resources (RFC 1514): Contains a uniform set of objects useful for managing host computers

• EVENT-MIB (RFC 2981): Provides the capability to monitor MIB objects on the local system or on a remote system and take simple action when a trigger condition is met ENTITY-MIB (RFC 2037)

• SNMPv3 MIBs (RFCs 2571 through 2576)

I am sending you one URL in this regard. I think you have gone through all this. Still few more information I would like to add :

Go through this document on Cisco WAAS (

You will get here information regarding MIB (Management Information Base). MIB files are actually source text files written on programming language.

Frequently, when looking for a MIB the first issue to deal with is dependency.

A MIB can be installed/compiled successfully if in your system are already installed/compiled some other MIBs.

So you can imagine every name in the list as a definition file you need to have to be able to install the MIB you want.

use the SNMP MIB navigator using following download link:

then download this and now you can see MIBS

Precisely speaking, the document says all the MIBS that are supported by WAAS. If you would like to decode on what exact information you can get from each MIB (for eg. interface down trap, Threshold alert, Memory, CPU utilizations etc).

by using the tool you can access the MIB code that is very well commented at the beginning they describe all the variables and then there all the details.

Another thing you can do is to use snmpwalk on a WAAS in a lab from a unix workstation and redirect output to a file it is a dump of all supported MIB vars with their current values.

Then again by using as help the MIB code you can analyze the file.

WAAS Supports the following mibs (maybe you can reference what's available from the CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB?):



















use snmp navigator View & Download mibs select one filename and then view mib contents .


Re: WAAS - SNMP Monitoring

page 2..contd.

Cisco WAE devices support remote notification capabilities, including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP),

SMTP notifications, and system logging (syslog) notifications. Cisco WAE devices can be configured to use up to four syslog servers.

Here are some MIB with their usage or meaning:

ACTONA-ACTASTOR-MIB = use snmp navigator View & Dnload mibs select it and then view mib contents

! I think this is product specific here should be the most interesting params

! that can tell how it is working to be reviewed

CISCO-CDP-MIB = skip just CDP neighbors

CISCO-CONFIG-MAN-MIB = provide info on config skip if you're interested in performance you can also change config with this

CISCO-CONTENT-ENGINE-MIB= web cache info interesting to be reviewed

CISCO-ENTITY-ASSET-MIB = just provides asset inventory data skip it



HOST-RESOURCES-MIB = RFC2790 this should be useful

MIB-II = base framework nothing specific here

Prepare a preliminary version of your document and then you will fill the details later.

Declare what you want to monitor and focus on these parameters .

Use this URL as I assume you are using 4.1.3 for the latest information:

or may be latest

Hope this will help you some.

If find useful kindly rate.

Sachin Garg

Re: WAAS - SNMP Monitoring

As per my knowledge NetQoS is currently one of the only products to retrieve the data correctly and accurately (don't quote me on this though)

From my understanding they are after Graphs displaying the percentage of accelerated traffic, what's been saved by using WAAS, and the breakdown of the traffic (similar to Netflow)

These type of reports are built into the Central Manager in the WAAS deployment.

4.1.1b and higher will give you better reporting.

At the moment we are retrieving our reporting from the Central Manager however my boss would like to have everything within Solarwinds

and Automated reporting / alerting from there, this would also allow the collection of all WAAS Statistics by solarwinds as well and could

add another graph to the Node Details page.

Cisco WAAS has full support for traffic monitoring and analysis tools such as NetFlow, Cisco IP-SLAs, Cisco NAM (network analysis tool),

Cisco PVM (performance visibility monitor) and 3rd party reporting tools.

New Member

Re: WAAS - SNMP Monitoring

The MIBS doesn't report the original and optimized stats that you get from the CM. IF it does, then it has to be used by the legacy setup of Core and Edge for CIFS. We are running everything in transparent mode, so the MIBS are useless when it comes to reporting bandwidth savings. If anyone can find me the MIB and IOD that shows the original and optimized traffic to pull from a WAE device, please let me know! Right now only NET FLOW export to NET QOS and the NAM can see this type of traffic.

The statement about the WAAS SNMP can monitor virtually everything is false.