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New Member

waas traffic interseption with ace

i will use ACE for waas traffic interception and i need help in:

1. if i used ace so there is no need to wccp for traffic interception Right?

2.if i used ace should i make 3 vlans vlan10 for clints(face wan) vlan12 for waes & vlan11 for datacenter

make in 6500 interface vlan10 and give it ip should i give interface vlan10 in ACE (the same ip in 6500& ace) is taht logical to give same interafce vlan ip in two devices or will taht generate duplicated ip error

3.if it right can i make static route in ACE to 6500 interface vlan10"ip route"?

4.when i define access-list in ace to define traffic which could be routed through ACE if I deny certain network (permit only network that i wand to redirect to WAEs)will the other traffic routed through 6500 to core) i will use "transparent" in server farm & no ip normal. in other words can i consider access-list in ACE like access-list i'm using in wccp.

5.the topology i have 2 6500 and i will install 2 ACE (1 ACE in each 6500) and i will attach 1 WAE in each 6500 switch one vlan for WAEs and i will make server farm and allocate 2 WAEs in it and i will define server farm in 2 ACEs and make default route in to ACEs to interface vlan in this way will ACE load balance btween 2 WAEs and traffic interception work well or not?

and finally i'm sorry for these many questions but i think i will find the answers.

Cisco Employee

Re: waas traffic interseption with ace


Here are the answers to your questions:

1. Correct.

2. You would not configure the same IP address on the ACE and MSFC. As far as how the VLANs should be configured, that somewhat depends on your deployment. What you have described would be common if you are deploying ACE in bridged mode. In routed mode, you can deploy ACE in a one-arm configuration.

3. Yes.

4. ACE does not pass traffic by default. You must explicitly permit the traffic you want to pass. Said differently, if you do not permit the traffic in your ACL, it will be dropped.

5. If you are using a single context in ACE, they will be active/passive (i.e. only one ACE module will handle traffic at any given point in time). The configuration will automatically be synchronized between the active and passive modules.

How are you planning to get traffic to the ACE module?


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