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WAAS update to 4.1

Hello, I have some questions.

A customer wants to upgrade his WAAS installation to 4.1.

Aside from the TAC, are there any experiences around? Are there known issues, pitfalls?

As the centralmanagers are updated first, are there known incompatibilities or problems with sites that should run with older versions for a while?

The configuration interface has slightly changed. Is it completely downwardscompatible, and ALL the old settings are imported, or do we have to build parts of the config again in the new interface?

Thanks so far, Jan


Re: WAAS update to 4.1

My experience since upgrading is that it has a few bugs, i would leave until a maintenance release is forthcoming

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Re: WAAS update to 4.1

I would for sure using 4.1.1a code if upgrading. I would delete your CIFS configuration before upgrading and then upgrade and then re-enable.

The only real issue that I ran into while doing this was that one device for some reason during upgrade lost its policies. No big deal. I just went to the central manager and set the policies back to default and it pushed them down to that device.

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