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New Member

WAAS Upgrade to 4.1.1c

I have upgraded a network of 10 WAE devices with 9 of them running 4.1.1.c and one still on 4.0.19 due to network issues. That one will be upgraded shortly. I am still running the legacy CIFS mode for backwards compatibility with the one 4.0.19 device. When that is upgraded I want to transfer to the new transparent CIFS mode. Is it as simple as going into each device both Core and Edge and just checking off the CIFS Accelerator under the Application>Enabled Features section, or is there more that has to be done such as deleting connectivty groups etc. According to the documentation once you check off that button it removes the core and edge functionality but I was curious to see if anyone else had done this sort of thing without issue. Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: WAAS Upgrade to 4.1.1c

I would recommending using the following procedure. Schedule an outage as you will have to reload the WAEs as you disable the old edge/core services.

1. Remove core boxes from core clusters.

2. Disable core services on WAEs (boxes should reload).

3. Disable edge services on WAEs (boxes should reload).

4. Enable CIFS AO via check boxes in CM GUI.

Once you have CIFS AO enabled on both ends of your links, you should see CIFS connections being optimized in the cli and CM GUI. The connectivity directives will be still in the GUI, but won't be actively used once the core/edge services are disabled and can be deleted later after successful migration.

Hope that helps,


New Member

Re: WAAS Upgrade to 4.1.1c

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the help. I will be doing this in a few days and will follow the procedure you outlined.

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