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WAAS with multiple data centers?

I have a question about WAAS and how it would function when there are multiple data centers, and multiple offices.

In our current network enviroment we have 14 locations 2 of those being data centers.

Each of our office locations has a full DS1. We are looking at using a 2811 WAE enterprise modules in those locations.

We are working on getting a DS3 at our 2nd data center, and getting a pair of WAE appliances in each data center with an additiona WAE appliance as the control manager.

Would we require an additional WAE at the 2nd data center to function as a backup control manager?

How does having servers at two locations effect WAAS?


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Re: WAAS with multiple data centers?

If you want a redundant (back up) Central Manager, you would need a second WAE.

Having servers at two locations might require more configuration and planning, but not necessarily a big issue. Things to think about would be: potential number of users, concurrent TCP connections at each site and the fan out ratio for DRE and CIFS (number of peer WAEs that the local WAE can optimize connections to). This would give you a good idea as to what hardware to use.

Also, since WAAS' optimization mechanisms require only two WAEs in the traffic path, intermediate WAEs would not present a problem.



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