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WAE 4.0.17 and Masergy WAN (Inline or WCCP)

I want to go inline for our WAE towards the WAN but our provider Masergy recommends WCCP. Anyone had any problems?

Their responce is that with VPLS specifically, since it's with the same broadcast domain…they see problems with the TCP wrapping of BGP info from the OSPF DR and BDR to other customer network. Moreover, if the WAE is inline…they often see the routing protocol tagging (i.e. ToS 6 & 7) being removed from the protocol if it is not dropped.

Basically, I need to need to watch the OSPF Type 1 and Type 2 updates between the DR and BDR to our remote sites.

I also need to watch for our optimizer ends of pushing priority (i.e. ToS 6 & 7) routing updates (i.e. OSPF or BGP hello/update packets) to the bottom of the stack…which could end up queuing and dropping that traffic…thus causing a native or redistribution flat with OSPF or BGP.

Their recommendation for inline is to do to make sure port 88, port 89, and port 179 are not obstructed…also to make sure that the WAE using a QoS trust policy so that it doesn't change how the routing device is marking protocol traffic between its neighbors/peers.

Not sure how to configure all this in the WAE.


Cisco Employee

Re: WAE 4.0.17 and Masergy WAN (Inline or WCCP)


The default behavior of WAAS is preserve existing DSCP marking, regardless of the interception method used. OSPF has its own IP protocol ID, so it would just be bridged through if the WAE is inline and ignored by the intercepting router if using WCCP. The only real recommendation here is to run WAAS 4.0.17 and make sure BGP traffic (tcp/179) is handled as pass-through.




Re: WAE 4.0.17 and Masergy WAN (Inline or WCCP)

The default policy for BGP is optimize so you recommend setting it to passthrough?

If so, I assume


Should I just disable bgp or set action=passthrough?


Cisco Employee

Re: WAE 4.0.17 and Masergy WAN (Inline or WCCP)

You should set it to pass-through. Disabling the policy will cause it to be ignored, which means that BGP traffic would fall through to the Other policy.


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