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WAE 512 and transaction logs problem

Hi guys,

I have a WAE 512 with ACNS 5.5.1b7 and I'm not able to export archived logs correctly. I tried to configure the WAE as below:

transaction-logs enable

transaction-logs archive interval every-day at 23:00

transaction-logs export enable

transaction-logs export interval every-day at 23:30

transaction-logs export ftp-server cache **** .

and the WAE exported only one file of about 9 MB even if the files was stored on the WAE as you can see from the output:

Transaction log configuration:


Logging is enabled.

End user identity is visible.

File markers are disabled.

Archive interval: every-day at 23:00 local time

Maximum size of archive file: 2000000 KB

Log File format is squid.

Windows domain is not logged with the authenticated username

Exporting files to ftp servers is enabled.

File compression is disabled.

Export interval: every-day at 23:30 local time

server type username directory ftp cache .

HTTP Caching Proxy logging to remote syslog host is disabled.

Remote syslog host is not configured.

Facility is the default "*" which is "user".

Log HTTP request authentication failures with auth server to remote syslog host.

HTTP Caching Proxy Transaction Log File Info

Working Log file - size : 96677381

age: 44278

Archive Log file - celog_213.175.3.19_20070420_210000.txt size: 125899771

Archive Log file - celog_213.175.3.19_20070422_210000.txt size: 298115568

Archive Log file - celog_213.175.3.19_20070421_210000.txt size: 111721404

I made a test and I configured the archiveng every hour from 12:00 to 15:00 and the export at 15:10, the file trasnferred by the WAE was only three one of 12:00 the other of 13:00 and 14:00 the 15:00 has been missed.

What can I do?




Re: WAE 512 and transaction logs problem

Hi Davide,

You seem to be missing the path on the FTP server; which goes on the export command.

Disable transaction logs, then remove the export command and then add it again like this: transaction-logs export ftp-server cache **** / ; after that enable transaction logs again and test it.

Let me know how it goes. Thanks!

Jose Quesada.

Community Member

Re: WAE 512 and transaction logs problem

Hi Jose,

I don't think that the problem is the path because I didn't receive any file, instead I receive in one case a file of 9 Mb and the other case three files.

I opened a case on this topic and the engineer wrote me that there are some bugs related to this topic and his suggestion is to upgrade the release to the 5.5.5b4.



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